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THE COLOR RUN is literally a 'fun run' and a worldwide running event in a colorful and cheerful manner. It's not about reaching the maximum running performance or the best time - here it's about maximum fun! Together with all the other COLOR RUNNERS you are going to have a day that you will never forget. You will run the most colorful, happiest and craziest 5 kilometers on earth! Running - just in a quite different way!

Or to keep it short in 3 points:

#1: Start shining white at the start line

#2: Arrive colorful and happy at the finish line

#3: Dance and celebrate in front of the finish-festival stage

How does it work?

Every COLOR RUNNER gets his starter package (t-shirt, color powder, headband and bib number) for his ticket (price starts from 14,99 Euro for teams for example) before he goes to the start line in a shining white shirt. After firing the starting pistol the participants pass through one of four color zones after every kilometer. There they are pelted with 100% natural color powder based on cornmeal by our volunteers - a lot of fun, we promise that! And how could it be otherwise: We also save the best for last! With magnificent big color tosses and best music all COLOR RUNNERS™  celebrate together at the finish festival. You can start as a solo runner or in a team (starting from 4 runners). And by the way, children under 8 years start for free at THE COLOR RUN™.


Are there any rules for The Color Run?

Yes! But they are very simple:

Rule #1 – Every runner is very welcome! No matter if you are fast, slow, young, old.... simply everyone!
Rule #2 – All COLOR RUNNERS meet in time at the start line with a white t-shirt as dress code (the exactly start time is published here on our website).
Rule #3 – They arrive completely colorful and happy at the finish festival und dance and celebrate with all the other COLOR RUNNERS.

How do I get colorful?

Each of every five kilometers shines in another color. As soon as you reach a 'Color Zone' the only thing you will see is color! Our lovely volunteers will rock your personal color powder-experience and will make sure that you won't reach the finish line colorless. Our color powder is a 100% natural, based on cornmeal product and of course harmless. You could eat it if you like - but we wouldn't recommend it. Moreover it looks much better on you. 😉


What happens at the finish festival area?

After you have reached the finish line the party goes on! With great music we all celebrate the most colorful after party on the planet.

Any further questions?

Don't worry, we are here to help you! Just take a few minutes and check our FAQS.

Why haven't I registered yet?

That's a good question only you can answer. But no problem, just take a look at Locations, where and when THE COLOR RUN  tour stops in your city.